Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hotel ‘De Beukenhof’ in Oegstgeest, the Netherlands

Cloudy days like today awake memories of sunny summer time and make me appreciate the good times even more :) My idea of escaping Brussels is exactly that what hotel ‘De Beukenhof’ in Oegstgeest in the Netherlands is all about: one of the places where you find nothing you would like to change… maybe except of the wine price ;)

When buying on Groupon, I often don’t know much about my destination but without any doubts this time it turned out to be a combination of luxury and comfort, delicious food, gorgeous scenery and great weather! To be frank, this place was perfect for the first relaxing holiday getaway of the year. We bought the Groupon in February, and the first available weekend was well in July. After arrival, I understood the reason for this gap right away. The upscale, elegant and unique hotel creates a tasteful balance between modern accents and a historical setting. Upon entering from the back-side through the magnificent English country style garden in search for the check-in desk, we were noticed right away and welcomed by attentive and friendly personnel, who guided us to our suite. A nicely decorated, clean room, soft pillows, a comfi bed, our own coffee machine plus cookies and free Wi-Fi make you feel like at home. On top of this we couldn’t resist of using the breakfast service to the room… at the end free of charge J All this and the seven course delicious dinner next day under 300 year-old tree was enough for me to madly fall in love with this place and put it on my short list of Dutch hotels. As to every place where I have been spoilt, I wish to come back during another season and experience a different charm of every season. Great location!

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