Monday, January 21, 2013

Memories of China (part three)

The Ancient Town of Zhujiajiaois, also called the Venice of China, is located close to Shanghai, nearly one hour by bus from the centre.

For me personally it was the cherry on top of the cake during my one-month trip to China! Everyone who likes to escape the big city life will enjoy every moment and the laid-back atmosphere of this place. The sharp contrast between this little, calm village and modern Shanghai was visible from the first sight.... and this was actually the thing I liked the most. I have heard opinions about this place of being too crowded in the weekends and smelly, but let's face it.....what place isn't crowded and smelly in China? ;)  Anyways, I would recommend this place as one of the 'must visit places' on your list whenever you are around, even if I am not completely sure to call it authentic, its surly worth the visit! I wish you good luck and as much fun as I had in exploring more of this charming place :) Many thanks again to my private guide! ;) 

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