Monday, December 17, 2012

La Roche-en-Ardenne

Fabulous idea for a romantic weekend escape away from Brussels, reachable within less then 2 hour drive....why
not? ;)
Auberge La Grande Cure

Auberge La Grande Cure, without any doubts very cosy and quiet location in the heart of La Roche-en-Ardennes, with fireplace, free wine tasting evenings, excellent high quality food and with great friendly and helpful service......we ware soooooooo happy enjoying our relaxing weekend there! Outstanding spot.......we will be back ;)

The charming landscape around, still green even in mid-December, makes you enjoy even more...  

Cut off from the rest of the world and surrounded by some of the wildest scenery in the Ardennes....I could put more pictures, which I was tempted to take every second or describe more of it here... but I recommend you to discover yourself... This place is beautiful and is worth visiting, people who once decide to pass by have to be aware that it’s risky....because so difficult to come back to the reality..... ;)

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