Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hotel Kasteel Terworm in Heerlen, the Netherlands

 This was the perfect Easter break! After having painted Easter eggs and having eaten Easter chocolate bunnies, it was so nice to be welcomed by a friendly face and be offered a welcome aperitif upon arrival. Yes, we have been spoiled once again ;) and this time in a very charming place, which was the beautiful TerWorm Castle Hotel.

 The modern touch to the medieval interior makes it really special. I especially have to complement the hotel staff, which really goes the extra mile to make you feel like a princess. Professionalism in every sense! There are about forty high standard bedrooms in the castle and we slept in probably the most comfortable bed ever experienced! After a very peaceful night of sleep and a great breakfast we went for a long walk, which we haven't done since years, so it was a pure pleasure walking around and soaking up a breeze of spring in the green nature. This location and surroundings is really great in every way for chateau lovers, like me :)   

            The history of the castle dates back to the 14th century. Through centuries it was owned by noble families. In the 18th century, when count Vincent van der Heyden-Belderbusch owned the castle, he restored it and created a beautiful French garden in Rococo style. At the end of the 19th century, Baron Francois de Loe gave the castle its current appearance. Castle TerWorm has been restored six times but every time the history of the castle has been saved and cherished. Today you can see construction tracks on the walls from the history and the present.

            Interesting fact is that the Limburg region, with its capital Maastricht, is a holiday destination of many Dutch. It seems to be different than the rest of the Netherlands: it is hilly rather than flat and some Dutch describe the locals jokingly as ‘bad German speaking Belgians’. Anyways, I plan to come back and explore more of this part of the Netherlands. Next stop Maastricht... ;)

my dessert... ;)


  1. I love short weekend trips. This one sounds like such a fun one!

  2. Hi, I've joined the club of Polish Bloggers living abroad recently :-) I've been living in Holland for almost five years now and haven't been to this calstle YET. Looks great!

    Cheers ;-)

  3. A po Polsku też można komentarz zostawić ? :)

  4. Ależ oczywiscie, bardzo doceniam wszystkie! :)