Monday, December 24, 2012

Chateau d'Urspelt in Luxembourg

All I need before Christmas is .....

........some quality time with my boyfriend in a wonderful place like Chateau d'Urspelt in Luxembourg! Merry Christmas to everyone! :)
p.s. on the way to Urspelt don't miss the highest point in Belgium - Signal de Botrange at 694 metres above sea level (when winter allows you can even ski not now.....)


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  1. My wife and I stayed there in May, 2011 and the place is amazing. Situated on a small hill outside Luxembourg, the Chateau stands out as you drive up the road toward it. It has been restored and provides an excellent opportunity for rest and relaxation. The food is excellent and the cost if reasonable for a 4 star hotel. It has a rich history as well and it's interesting to read about it as you visit.