Monday, May 20, 2013


                   It has been two weeks since we came back from one week off in Macedonia. Coming back to reality and work after great holidays is always tough, but at least the memories of great people, food, sunny weather and undiscovered nature stay for long; much longer then the sunburn on your skin.... ;)

From the moment we landed in Macedonia we were welcomed by the friendliness of the locals, by traditional dances, champagne and a welcome cake! ;) This was very surprising and the best welcome experience ever at any airport! And it was only the beginning…. 

           I won’t go over the top if I say that Aurora Resort and Spa in Berovo, located in the mountains in Eastern Macedonia is one of the most luxury mountain resorts in Europe or even the world and absolutely the best in the Balkans! :) Not that we have been to many; it is still in our travel plans…. ;) but in comparison to the experience we have made so far, this place impresses enough to fully deserve its five-star rating. 

The hotel is located in such an outstanding surroundings that neither me nor my boyfriend could stop taking pictures. In addition to the charm and scenic beauty of this place, the attention to detail is absolutely stunning. This clearly is a resort designed with luxury in mind. One of the examples could be the infinity pool and the high quality wood material it is built from as well as the breathtaking view overlooking the valley from our room balcony. The staff is always there to help, care about your comfort and coordinate the housekeeping so that you are never disturbed. For a truly rest, relaxing and romantic treat we could use the spa facilities almost every day one hour for free :) The food is everyday different, fresh and very traditional. The wine list includes some of the great wines from the region, which we enjoyed every evening and is one of the things I miss the most... :) 

We were happy to get to know Slavcho, who is the owner of the place and has a very personal approach to the guests. Being born in the nearby village of Berovo, this resort is more than his business, it’s his passion and lifetime achievement. Thanks to him it is difficult to forget the stay there and you want to plan an escape there at least once in the year. We definitely want to come back soon, it is worth it! :)

view from the other side of the valley

view from the balcony

favorite hot spot

gift from the owner of the hotel
ZELNIK, traditional Macedonian dish

Our one-day ambitious montain bike tour along the river Bregalnica got us soaking up fresh montain air, seeing more of the untouched landscape and the waterfalls. Here are some snapshots:

The Orthodox monasteries belong to the Macedonian landscape and are a testimony of the local culture. For me personally they are a piece of art. 

Thank you for checking out the story, hope you enjoyed reading as much as we did writing it :) All of your comments and questions are much appreciated :) cheers, K&M


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