Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Memories of China (part two)


A weekend wasn't enough for me to fully explore Shanghai but I did my best thanks to two local guides that showed me around ;) This incredible metropolis never sleeps and has a lot to offer. The only thing that disappointed me was the fake tea festival, which at the end appeared to be a tourist trap. I ended up being ripped off for two boxes of tea. Well..... I guess it belongs to the adventure! ;)

The Shanghai World Financial Centre, which looks like a huge bottle opener to me but leaves unforgettable impression. The skyscraper has 101 floors with a height of 492 meters and it is now the landmark of this modern city. The breath taking view from the top of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, at 474 meters above the ground (100 floor).

The Orient Pearl TV Tower

glass viewing platform

hello world! :)

Below the highest (left), the 2nd highest (middle) and the future highest building in Asia (right)

Century Avenue

Shanghai by night

The Bund by night

I looooooove Shanghai :)

Nanjing Road

in the underground in the morning

the rush hour is about to start

Yuyuan Garden is a unique and calm place located in the heart of Shanghai. It is a place to be for people who want to escape the city's noise and restore some energy. This really was one of my favorite spots in the whole city, where I stayed for hours....

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